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You will need the following information to schedule your online assessment payment:


Management Company ID:  7076

Association ID:  ROB


The Robert’s Field Home Owner’s Association is comprised of 639 single-family, duplex, and townhomes.  It is managed by a board of volunteers elected by the community.  The current HOA board has enlisted Unlimited Property Management, Inc. to assist with all property management issues. The association board’s goal is to ensure homeowner concerns are fairly addressed, while maintaining standards that ensure a tidy and orderly community.  An architectural committee, also comprised of volunteers, oversee requests for exterior improvements to homeowner properties.

The main goals of the HOA are:

-To oversee and enforce the bylaws agreed upon at the time of home purchase

-To maintain property values

-To keep association dues at a reasonable level

-To maintain common grounds in a tidy condition for all to enjoy

HOA Board Members are:

Janet Jacober - President 

Cristi Myers - Vice President 

Zachary Neal - Treasurer 

Wayne Whorton - Member at Large

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for information and responses to most common questions asked. We will add important Q&A's to this FAQ in the coming months. If you still require further assistance or clarification, please email us from the link below.


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